Privacy Policy

Privacy Policies And Confidentiality of Information and Terms and Conditions of Use of MX BRASIL Gestora de Sistema Nacional de Franquia S.A (RE/MAX BRASIL)



Welcome to the Privacy Policies of MAX CENTER BRASIL, the online platform created by MX BRASIL GESTORA DE SISTEMA NACIONAL DE FRANQUIA S.A, hereinafter RE/MAX BRASIL.

RE/MAX BRASIL, to demonstrate absolute transparency regarding this matter of protection of personal data and confidential information, promotes and institutes these Privacy Policies, the "Privacy Policies", which will be applied to any person, under our Terms and Conditions of Use (“T&C”), hereinafter referred to as USER(S), who are registered and able to use the platform and intend to use RE/MAX BRASIL services.

Thus, the USER must accept all the terms of these Privacy Policies. The acceptance of this Privacy Policy is essential for the use of the Max Center Brasil Platform and the services provided by RE/MAX BRASIL.

RE/MAX BRASIL may also make available to USERS a mobile version of the platform, via application, on which these Privacy Policies will also fall, for all legal purposes admitted.

Please read these Privacy Policies carefully before registering on the platform or even browsing the Max Center Brasil Platform(s), by RE/MAX BRASIL.



The services provided by RE/MAX BRASIL start from the USER's registration on the RE/MAX BRASIL platform/application, at which time the following data can already be requested, received, stored, and transferred:

  • Username (login) by which the USER will be identified on the Max Center Brasil Platform;
  • Personal name;
  • A number of valid identification documents and contact information (phone, email, address, etc.).

Confirmation of said data, by RE/MAX BRASIL, may occur by crossing the information provided by the USER and information of a public nature available through consultation with public entities, and companies specialized in a database, here RE/MAX BRASIL is authorized by USER to act and carry out such conferences.

The USER also agrees and authorizes RE/MAX BRASIL, from the agreement with these Privacy Policies, to collect, store and transfer information about the USER's activities on the world wide web, such as URLs that the USER was browsing before joining the Max Center Brasil Platform(s) or RE/MAX BRASIL applications; URLs that the USER accesses after the RE/MAX BRASIL Site(s); access IPs; searches performed, advertisements; among other information of this nature.

RE/MAX BRASIL, with the present consent of the USERS, will have access, via the application, to the contact lists of the mobile devices used by USERS to provide its services. This information will only be used to locate and dial cell phone numbers and/or email addresses of potential USERS. In turn, USERS acknowledge that they are authorized to share such information with RE/MAX BRASIL.



The USER consents, freely and expressly, to provide the data that allows access to the information necessary for the platform and/or application software to perform all the functions for which it was designed, including:

  • enable the development of the objective function of the platform developed by RE/MAX BRASIL;
  • process information;
  • confirm or correct the RE/MAX BRASIL database;
  • improvement of commercial indicators from the accesses of each USER with the purpose of sophistication and transforming data into measurable information for commercial growth;
  • sharing with third parties to send advertising to USERS; and sending information to USERS relevant to the RE/MAX BRASIL platform and/or system maintenance, etc.;
  • Audit our business.


RE/MAX BRASIL is obliged to observe all applicable rules regarding security measures for personal information. RE/MAX BRASIL considers the data of its USERS as an asset that must be protected from any loss or unauthorized access. Therefore, it employs several security techniques to protect such data from unauthorized access.

Still, it is necessary to consider that absolute security does not exist on the internet.

Personal information will not be considered, and therefore not subject to confidentiality and protection under these Privacy Policies, information (a) that was already in the public domain at the time it was received, or becomes public domain without infringing the obligations assumed herein; (b) that the parties become aware of in a non-confidential manner, received from third parties, whose acquisition and disclosure have been completely independent, without infringing any of the obligations assumed herein and without any confidential nature; or (c) whose disclosure is required by law, regulation or administrative, judicial or arbitration decision.

RE/MAX BRASIL will not sell, rent or share personal information, except as outlined in these Privacy Policies. Everything within reach of RE/MAX BRASIL will be done to protect the privacy of USERS' data and information.



The USER freely and expressly consents to RE/MAX BRASIL using cookies/web beacons only to control the audience, traffic patterns, and navigation on its Site(s) and enable the identification of segmented and personalized services to the USER's profile.

RE/MAX BRASIL guarantees that this information collected through cookies/web beacons is statistical and not personal and that it will not be used for purposes other than those expressly provided for in these Privacy Policies, committing to adopt all necessary measures to prevent access and use of such information by any third party without proper authorization.

RE/MAX BRASIL will not be responsible for illegal interceptions or violations of its systems or databases by unauthorized persons, nor will it be responsible for the improper use of the information obtained by these means.

RE/MAX BRASIL is not responsible for the collection of cookies by third-party sites other than the RE/MAX BRASIL Site(s), and the USER must be aware of the other privacy policies in force about virtual environments other than this one. now regulated.

RE/MAX BRASIL and its USERS do not accept behaviors considered "spamming", whether in opinions, questions, answers, and/or in the requested sending of emails. The indiscriminate sending of messages of any nature between RE/MAX BRASIL USERS is prohibited. RE/MAX BRASIL may limit the actions of USERS on the Site(s) to avoid “spamming” and definitively suspend those USERS who violate this policy.



The USER may, at any time, request the definitive deletion of their data or the cancellation of their registration, except for the maintenance/retention of personal information provided for in the relevant legislation in force, such as for security reasons, fraud control, dispute resolution. that may arise between USERS or to comply with these Privacy Policies and the T&C.

Once registered with RE/MAX BRASIL, the USER may review and update the following information, which has been provided during the registration process:

  • Username and email address;
  • Registration and contact information, such as telephone number and physical address; and
  • Personal password.

USERS undertake to update their data regularly, whenever necessary, to always maintain their identification and location, allowing other USERS to contact them during the interactions/negotiations that will take place.



If you have questions related to our services or the Privacy Policies, please contact us via our USER support available from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm (Brasilia time).

Thank you for reading our Privacy Policy.